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Our environmental policy

Creator of values


Growing with sustainable development

CHARLATTE MANUTENTION is aware of the impact that its products, production, and marketing efforts can have on the environment.

As a company present in the world, CHARLATTE MANUTENTION wanted to contribute to the environment respect by aiming to manufacture quality products on conformity with the regulatory and legal requirements.

Its main environmental objectives

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    Avoid/limit its impact on the environment while maintaining a quality standard and customer satisfaction.

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    Study the harmful effects in the order to subtract or minimize their consequences.

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    Establish a principle of sustainable production.

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    Encourage suppliers to use best environmental practices.

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    Support employee awareness of sustainable development.

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    Apply "Lean manufacturing": DO MORE WITH LESS.

    This philosophy has a positive influence on the material use that are harmful to the environment and to energy consumption.


CHARLATTE MANUTENTION reduces its overall energy consumption by applying the best available technologies, and keeping cost efficiency in mind.

Use of paper

CHARLATTE MANUTENTION pays great attention to the use of procedures and devices to save paper.

In the medium term, it will strive to adopt a paperless organization.


By collecting its waste, CHARLATTE MANUTENTION undertakes to limit the waste impact on the environment.

Continuous improvement

CHARLATTE MANUTENTION is attentive to the safety and health rules and regularly approves an audit inspection. In addition to working conditions, the environment is also an important part of these audits.

As part of continuous improvement, the results of these inspections are recorded in a follow-up action plan.